Tone Audiometry

The mainstay of traditional Audiology and Hearing Assessment for adults and most children too. Requires some co-operation and inhibition of response. The only independent Audiologist in Wexford area. 

Tympanometry, Acoustic Reflex and Otoacoustic Emission measurements

Information about the condition of the middle ear and inner ear, through simple measures at the ear canal opening.  Less co-operation needed than Audiometry,  Helps to determine a need for Ear Surgery, and suitability for amplification.  A key element in all initial hearing assessments. 

Speech testing and Auditory skills in listening and recall

Information on educational issues around weak listening skills, including auditory memory assessment.  

Ways to help your child, (or you) improve listening skills.  Quick-Sin and Lisn-S assessment available for older children; BKB-Sin for younger children.

And me for a different style of Auditory Assessment in Wexford.